Hosted by Madeleine Sloback, principal and interior designer of Madeleine Design Group, the new “Welcome Home with Madeleine” video series invites viewers to explore a full home interior renovation, from the start of demolition, to floor plans, permits, plumbing, electrical, drywall, millwork, and everything else that goes into transforming a modest house into a beautiful, updated, modern home.
Along the way, Madeleine will put her signature style on the interior design process and showcase the expertise offered by Madeleine Design Group. The professionally shot and edited segments range from just 3-5 minutes each but deliver tons of information useful for anyone about to begin a home renovation Project.

Episode 8

Gather ‘Round the Table

Watch to Tour Madeleine’s Brand New Home!

Episode 7

It’s All Coming Together

In Episode 7, last minute details – and a little bit of flexibility – bring us into the home stretch.

Episode 6

Fixes on the Fly

In Episode 6, Madeleine makes an in-process change change to one important finishing detail.

Episode 5

Finishing the Furnishings

Madeleine and her team explore all of the things that matter when looking to furnish your home.

Episode 4

Adapting As We Go 

Even the best initial designs need to be adapted as walls come down and construction proceeds.

Episode 3

Hurry Up and Wait

Progress! Permits are done, and huge improvements are underway.

Episode 2

Making A Material Difference

Permitting and initial materials selection begin… but obstacles await.

Episode 1

A Designer in Her Own Space

Meet Madeleine as she introduces us to her latest, very personal, project.