Riley Park Remodel


We are delighted to showcase our recently completed Riley Park Remodel project, a partial transformation of a home that unfolded in carefully planned phases. 

The project began with the restoration of the bathrooms, where we sought to infuse modernity and functionality into the spaces. Each bathroom was crafted with its own unique look, meticulously designed to maintain cohesion with the others. We introduced neutral tiling, with pops of playful elements. 

The following year we shifted our focus to the heart of the home, the kitchen. This renovation had a full propose: to bring the kitchen into the 21st century while creating a brighter, more functional space. In addition, we introduced a strategically positioned powder room on the same level, even though space was limited. Our solution was a concealed millwork door, artfully crafted to seamlessly integrate with its surroundings that ‘disappears’ when closed. 

Beyond the kitchen, our attention to detail extended to the living space. We relocated the fireplace to a more functional and visually pleasing location, and handpicked new furniture pieces to harmonize with the living and dining areas. The result is a captivating and inviting atmosphere that showcases the thoughtfulness and precision with which we approach this project. 

Construction: Rain City Homes Ltd. 
Photography: Tracey Ayton