Kitsilano Heritage


The Kitsilano Heritage Project, involved the renovation of a 4-level heritage home in Vancouver’s Kitsilano neighborhood. The clients, who had returned from living in the UK, aimed to restore the 1910-built home from multiple separate apartments to a single-family dwelling. The project faced significant challenges, including supply chain issues, labor shortages, and a lengthy permit approval process.

Despite these obstacles, permission was eventually granted, leading to structural changes that introduced steel and additional foundations to accommodate the new open floorplan. The basement suite remained a separate dwelling for family and visitors, while the rest of the 3,600 sq ft house was transformed into a modern single-family residence. The design philosophy combined old heritage charm with modern layouts and art deco decor, with a focus on preserving period-specific details.

Working alongside the general contractor, John Quinton, who had extensive knowledge of period-specific materials and designs, the project aimed to stay true to the original build while infusing 21st-century comforts. In the end, Madeleine Design Group provided a turn-key service, including all furniture except for a few antique pieces, resulting in a meticulously planned and thoughtfully executed heritage restoration and modernization project.

Construction: Quinton Construction
Photography: Tina Kulic